The transformation of rehabilitation equipment for the aged


For China's 420 million middle-aged and elderly people over the age of 50, health has always been their biggest anxiety.

Medical rehabilitation equipment, which is traditionally mainly used in hospitals and nursing homes, is speeding up its entry into hundreds of millions of ordinary families in China.

For China's 420 million middle-aged and elderly people over the age of 50, health has always been their biggest anxiety. Once there is a product that can address their health needs, its strong payment capacity is enough to support many segments of the public company.

The opportunities of the first 20 years are mainly reflected in the monitoring and miniaturized medical devices, such as the birth of the listed company Sanuo Biology on the blood glucose meter, the birth of the listed company Jiuan Medical on the blood pressure monitor, and the birth of the listed company Yuyue Medical on the oxygen generator.

At present, this opportunity is expanding from products with partial medical attributes to products with partial rehabilitation and old-age care attributes.

In the context of accelerating aging, these enterprises hidden in the subdivision field are likely to quickly cross over to the billion yuan level of revenue, and a number of listed companies appear.

After extensive research on enterprise cases, sub-category development characteristics and user consumption trends in the home medical rehabilitation equipment industry, AgeClub has three insights to share with you:

Every channel dividend is an important opportunity period for the birth of new brands. A number of home equipment brands, including Yuyue Medical, have grown rapidly in the past few years relying on e-commerce channels.

Domestic enterprises are skilled in using the strategy of rapidly expanding categories and pulling down the price base line, although the income is rapidly growing, it is easy to fall into homogenization competition. Differentiated user experience based on technical strength is the key to whether enterprises can occupy the majority of market profits;

The consumption characteristics of the elderly in China are developing profound changes, the elderly over 70 and 80 years old may still not be willing to buy very expensive but good quality equipment products, but their children 50+ new middle-aged and elderly people, their economic income and consumption concepts have been fully acceptable high quality and high price products, the new head brand will be born from this crowd.

In recent years, with the giants such as Ciao Logistics and Jingdong laying a complete logistics system from the first and second tier cities through to the three, four, five, six lines of the submerged market, the large medical rehabilitation equipment represented by wheelchairs and nursing beds is actually ushering in a major market switch, that is, from the small market that was originally limited by regions, stores, and trade fairs. Suddenly became a super market for all urban and rural markets in the country.