Why is the construction of rehabilitation hospitals becoming more and more common nowadays


China's hospital construction has experienced the transformation and expansion of large general hospitals, the peak of specialized hospitals and the rise of private hospitals. At present, there is a new type of medical institution - rehabilitation hospital has become an upsurge.

Why is rehabilitation hospital construction suddenly popular? In fact, this is not accidental, in the past, our treatment of disease is relatively simple, now we pay more attention to the recovery of physical function; Where we used to passively accept treatment, now we actively pursue recovery; In the past, we were just trying to maintain life, but now we are more concerned with improving the quality of life.

What is recovery? Rehabilitation is an extension of treatment. It is a treatment whose main purpose is to restore or maintain a person's mental and physiological functions. Unlike other specialized treatments, rehabilitation is a form of pure medical treatment that does not involve diagnosis, but is replaced by a system of assessment of the degree of recovery from the disease and physical function.

And rehabilitation treatment equipment is an important pillar of the entire medical system. The primary goal of any medical activity is a complete cure. Pain free and functional recovery are two different levels of medical goals. Rehabilitation treatment is different from drugs and surgery for the purpose of treating diseases, and more emphasis is placed on helping patients return to life and society quickly through education and training, so as to improve the quality of life.

Rehabilitation, as a means of treatment with the main purpose of restoring or maintaining human physiological and psychological functions, covers almost all diseases and disease groups. Rehabilitation patients generally have cognitive impairment, mobility difficulties, lack of confidence in treatment, negative attitude towards life and so on.

Rehabilitation is the process from painless to functional recovery, which are two different levels of medical goals. The whole process of rehabilitation is to combine psychological rehabilitation and physical rehabilitation to achieve simultaneous recovery of mental and physical functions.