Rehabilitation is essential for nursing institutions


In recent years, due to the "D-combination" pension model proposed by the Health Development Planning Committee, the rapid development of the domestic pension industry has led to the emergence of a variety of pension institutions. Although the number of rehabilitation hospitals has developed rapidly, the scale of some pension institutions seems not small, but its functional positioning and quality are far from reaching the true "maintenance and maintenance combination". In the final analysis, the current elderly care institutions lack of attention to rehabilitation medical care, and many rehabilitation services provided by elderly care institutions are only "put on the shelf", but in the future, rehabilitation services will hold the lifeblood of elderly care institutions!

At present, there are still many leaders of elderly care institutions misunderstanding the word "rehabilitation". Some leaders believe that most residents are simply bedridden for long periods of time and cannot receive rehabilitation treatment at all. There is also a misconception that elderly people can get out of bed one day if they are thoroughly rehabilitated.

In the face of these misunderstandings, we must first understand that there are many reasons to stay in the pension institution, and there are many reasons, but it can be roughly divided into two categories of physical dysfunction and mental dysfunction.