Rehabilitation medical equipment, why is the "sun in the sun"?


Rehabilitation medicine makes up for the limitations of clinical medicine, and is listed as one of the four modern medical categories together with preventive medicine, clinical medicine and health care medicine, playing an important role in the comprehensive medical system. Since 2012, China has begun to explore the establishment of a three-level rehabilitation medical system:

The first is the acute stage, mainly in the tertiary general hospital, mainly in the acute stage of the disease; The second is stable period, mainly in rehabilitation hospitals or secondary general hospitals focusing on rehabilitation, mainly in stable period patients; The third is the recovery period, mainly in the community, grass-roots medical institutions, mainly in the recovery period of patients.

In this context, China's medical institutions also pay more and more attention to the construction of rehabilitation. From 2012 to 2020, the number of beds in rehabilitation departments in China increased from 99,000 to 306,800, with an average annual increase of 15.2%, according to the China Business Research Institute. According to Prospective Research Institute data, from 2011 to 2018, the scale of China's rehabilitation medical industry increased from 13.4 billion yuan to 45 billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 19%. As a strong related field, the rapid growth of rehabilitation medical care has driven the rehabilitation equipment industry to maintain an average annual expansion rate of about 20%.

The so-called rehabilitation equipment is a general term for the equipment, equipment, instruments, technology and software that can improve the functional status of people with disabilities. According to the application field, it can be subdivided into rehabilitation medical equipment, rehabilitation education equipment and rehabilitation AIDS, etc., among which, Rehabilitation medical equipment is divided into rehabilitation assessment equipment (assessing the type, nature, location, scope, severity and prognosis of dysfunction), rehabilitation training equipment and rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment (generally refers to the treatment equipment through light, electricity, sound, magnetic, heat, cold and other physical factors acting on the human body), which constitutes the main body of rehabilitation equipment. From the perspective of Xiangyu Medical, a representative listed company, rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment and rehabilitation training equipment contributed nearly 90% of revenue.