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Professional production of medical equipment and rehabilitation equipment






Product details

1、Raised Toilet Seat is suitable for people who have difficulty bending or standing.
2、Raised Toilet Seat can avoid the problem of difficulty standing because of the low height of the toilet, and reduce the situation of accidentally falling when getting up from the toilet.
3、The screws lock the toilet so that the Raised Toilet Seat does not turn over easily
4、easy cleaning.
5、Maximum load 136KG.
6、Safe, light and easy to carry


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A wheelchair is a chair equipped with wheels that can help replace walking, and is an important mobile tool for the rehabilitation of the wounded, the sick, and the disabled at home, turnover transportation, medical treatment, and outdoor activities. Wheelchairs not only meet the needs of physically disabled people and people with mobility difficulties, but more importantly, it is convenient for family members to move and take care of patients, so that patients can exercise and participate in social activities with the help of wheelchairs.

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